26H HART Process Calibrator

  • Model 26H
    Source.Specification Range Basic Accuracy
    DC mV -10~110mV 0.01%+0.01%
    DC V  -0.1~11V 0.01%+0.01%
    DC A 0~33mA 0.01%+0.01%
    Sink Current 0~33mA 0.01%+0.01%
    Resistance 0~4KΩ 0.01%+0.01%
    Thermocouple R/S/K/E/J/T/B/N/L/U 0.4℃
    RTD Pt100/Pt200/Pt500/Pt1000/Cu10/Cu50 0.2℃
    Frequency(Hz) 1Hz ~50KHz ±2words
    Frequency(CMP) 60~1200 CPM ±2words
    Pulse 1~100000cyc ±2words
    Switch 1Hz~50KHz ±2words
    Pressure Depends on the pressure module
    DC mV -5~550mV 0.01%+0.01%
    DC V  -0.5~35V 0.01%+0.01%
    DC mA -5~55mA 0.01%+0.01%
    Resistance 0~5.5KΩ 0.01%+0.01%
    Thermocouple R/S/K/E/J/T/B/N/L/U 0.5℃
    RTD Pt100/Pt200/Pt500/Pt1000/Cu10/Cu50 0.3℃
    Frequency(Hz) 3Hz~50KHz ±2words
    Frequency(CMP) 180~3000000 CPM ±2words
    Switch CLOSE/OPEN
    Pressure Depends on the pressure module
    Continuity beeper 0~500Ω ≤50Ωsound
    Loop power supply 24V ±10%
    Auto Power-off
    Charging function
    Room temperature display
    Battery detection
    The ramp signal
    Communication RS232 serial communication, can realize remote control instrument by the device driver software.
    General information
    Safety EN61010-1:2001
    Withstand voltage The input and output   AC350V/1 minutes
    Insulation The input and output DC500V   /50MΩ.
    EMC EN61326-1:2006
    Certification CE
    Display 3.2“ TFT screen
    Power Supply 4×1.5V  (AA  Alkaline battery)
    Product Size 206 × 97 × 60 mm
    Product Weight about 633g
    Standard Quantity Per Carton 6pcs
    Standard Carton Measurement 530mm*405mm*310mm
    Standard Carton Cross Weight 12.6kg


Features :
* Measurement and source accuracy up to 0.01% 
* Pressure measurement range from -100kPa to 60Mpa, accuracy up to 0.05% 
* 3-wire, 4-wire connection method for ohm and RTD measurement.
* Source output with manual step of 25% and 100% , auto -step and auto ramp   
* Protection grade : IP65 
* with HART communication