77 Digital Process Multimeter

  • Model 77
    Measurement Function 
    DC Voltage Range ±51V
    Resolution 10mV
    Basic Accuracy 0.50%
    AC Voltage Range 510V
    Resolution 100mV
    Basic Accuracy 1.50%
    Resistance Range 5kΩ
    Basic Accuracy 0.50%
    DC Current Range ±22mA
    Resolution 1uA
    Basic Accuracy 0.20%
    Diode & Continuity
    Data Hold
    Source Function
    DC Current  Range 22mA
    Resolution 0.001mA
    Basic Accuracy 0.20%
    Simulating Transmitter
    25%;100%Step output
    Display current and % of span
    Loop power 24V
    Loop Detection
    The 24V loop power supply and measuring the current
    Built in 250 Ω HART loop resistance
    General Information 
    Auto Power-off
    Safety CAT Ⅳ 600V  Pollution Degree 2
    Power Supply 2×1.5V ;AA  Batteries
    Product Size 180×90×52(mm)
    Product Weight About 400g
    Accessories Test Leads; Manual; Fuse                             
    Standard Quantity Per Carton 10pcs
    Standard Carton Measurement 395*385*260(mm)
    Standard Carton Cross Weight 8.8Kg


77 Digital Process Multimeter