LX-A-1 Shore Hardness Tester

  • Specification 
    Model No. LX-A-1 LX-A-2 LX-A-Y
    Application  Type A Durometer for Soft rubber, plastics and elastomers.
    Range 0-100HA
    Recommend   Measure Range 10-90HA
    Resolution N/A 0.1
    Accuracy  10-90HA:<±1
    Display Analog Digital 
    Needle   Diameter  0.79mm
    Depth of   Indentation  2.5mm
    Force of Pressure
    Data Hold  N/A
    Zero   Function  N/A
    Pointer  1  2 (With memory pointer) N/A
    Standard GB/T531-99,GB2411-80,HG/T2489-93,JJG304-2003
    General  Information
    Power Supply   CRV 03 x1 
    Product Size 128mmx57mmx30mm
    Producdt   Weight 200g
    Standard   Accessories  Manaul , Tool Case