1800 Satellite Timing High/Low Voltage Wireless Phase Comparator

  • Specification

    Phase Characterization

    -In Phase:-30°~30°; (phase angle difference displayed on XY receiver)
     -Out of Phase: 90°~120° and 210°~270°(phase angle difference displayed on XY receiver)

    Phase Detect Voltage


    Phase Range

    0.0°~360.0°; Accuracy::≤±10°(General Mode)/< ≤±5°     (Satellite Timing Mode): Resolution:1°

    Frequency Range

    45.0Hz~75.0Hz;  Accuracy:≤±2Hz; Resolution:0.1Hz

    Transmission Frequency



    Phase Detection Mode

    Satellite PPS Mode / Satellite Timing Mode / General Mode

    Phase Detection Way

    -Contact Phase Detect: wire Voltage   <35Kv (bare wire) / <110KV(With insulation Cover)
     -Non-Contact Phase Detect: Bare wire voltage >35KV;
    (move the probe   close to the wire gradually.)


    3.5inch Color Screen

    Backlight Brightness Adjustable

    Induction Sensitivity Control

    Auto adjustment

    Voice Function

    In Phase / Out of Phase/ X detector signal   normal / Y detector signal normal

    Phase Detection Distance

    General Mode:160 meters

    Satellite Timing Mode : >500km

    Satellite Searching Time

    3 minutes for the first time , and 30s for   future use

    Satellite Searching Indication

    ---- displayed

    Timing Accuracy


    Working Indication

    "beep - beep - beep" Indication

    Operation Way

    Auto Range

    Display Speed

    2 Times/Second

    Data Storage

    9999 groups

    Data Hold

    Auto Off

    30 minutes idle

    Low battery indication



    Rated Current

    Detector:35mA max; Main Unit:300mA max

    Insulation Test

    Insulated rods extended: AC 110 kV /rms
     Main Unit, Detector: AC2000V/rms metal and plastic housing)



    IEC61481-A2;2004;IEC 61243-1 ed.2:2003

    General Information

    Power Supply

    Main Unit and Detectors : 3.7V Rechargeable   Lithium battery (Working 10 hours continuously )

    Product Weight

    Main Unit :395g


    Insulation Rod:1.45kg

    Whole Packing: 12.6KG

    Product Size

    Main Unit: 250mm×100mm×40mm

    Detector: 145mm×60mm×48mm

    Insulation Rod : Diameter:Ø38mm; Length: Pull   Back 1050mm; Extend 4850mm

    Standard Accessories

    Detector x 2pcs/ Receiver x2pcs/ Probe x 2pcs, Hook x2pcs / Aerial x 4pcs / ,Insulation Rod x 2pcs/ USB Cable+ Charger x 1pce/Inspection line x 1pcs /Tool Case x 1pce / auxiliary Test line x 1pc