850C Non-contact Phase Sequence Detector

  • Specification 
    Model No. 850C 850D
    Function 1,phase sequence detection
    (normal phase, reverse phase and phase deficiency)

    2,live wire examination

    3,simple power detection

    4,Breakpoint location
    5,Line maintenance
    Live Voltage   Range  AC70~1000V , 45~65Hz   (Sine wave continuous input)
    Clampable   Wire Diameter ø1.6-ø16mm ø10-ø40mm
    LED Indication  [Positive phase sequence] the four phase-sequence lamps blink in order   (clockwise)
    [Negative phase sequence ] the four phase-sequence lamps blink in order  (counterclockwise)
    [live-voltage indication] L1, L2, L3 lamps light up
    [Default phase] L1/L2/L3 lamp is off
    [Open circuit] L1/L2/L3 lamp is off
    Buzzer  [Positive   Phase Sequence] beeps intermittently
    [Negative Phase Sequence] beeps continuously
    Power Indication 
    Magnetic Hooker on back
    Auto Power Off  5 minutes idle 
    Clamp Lead Length  0.6m
    Max. Measure Voltage  AC1000V
    General Information
    Power Supply 1.5V AA x 2
    Product Size 70mmx75mmx30mm
    Product   Weight 200g
    Standard   Accessories Manual,Battery