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Customer is asked to provide the following information when requesting services:

1. Customer name, address, and contact information

2. Description of problem

3. Model number

4. Product serial number

5. Proof of date-of-purchase

6. Where did you purchase?

Please contact RuoShui authorized agent / distributor / service provider, listed in our webpage, in your country with above information. When you send the product, to ensure the safety of the product during transportation, place the product in a box that is larger than the product 2 times or more in volume and fill cushion materials fully and then clearly mark “Repair Product Enclosed” on the box surface. The cost of sending and returning the product shall be borne by the customer.

Note: Prior to requesting repair, please check the following:

Capacity of the built-in battery, polarity of installation and discontinuity of the test leads.


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